The Process of Fat Loss

The Insulin Effect | Episode 7

March 21, 2022 Game Changing Performance Episode 7
The Process of Fat Loss
The Insulin Effect | Episode 7
Show Notes

Insulin is a very commonly heard term used around the health and fitness world. But what does insulin actually do, and how can we use it to lose weight and live the healthiest life possible.

In the newest episode of The Process of Fat Loss:

We look at the role of insulin in your body as well as the role it plays in absorbing nutrients, using energy, and fueling your body. We will also talk about how these things impact fat loss and can be utilized to your advantage.

Check out our blog post about this topic, which includes everything we talked about on this episode | Blog

- Precision Nutrition Article
- Primal Fat Burner, by  Nora Gedgaudas 

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